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When I say this has been the dreamiest, fulfilling, most down to earth shoot I have EVER done. I mean.. yeah haha that's all I have to say about this. 🤣

Well there is one thing I want to share with you who are reading this; if you don't want basic photos you can't do basic things. it's just the reality of this!

You can't get photos and backgrounds like this if you aren't there! There is no epic location if we are at the same park that every goes to or have golden hour photos when it's not golden hour time. But there is hope and by that I mean if you are looking to have an epic shoot with an epic location, all your resources that you would need, are right here >> hehe, it's me.

My services come with recommendations that you might be looking for or maybe didn't know you were looking for. You get my brains on top of my arts, if I may say so myself. The moment you let yourself truly allow to be you and make the decisions that you envision and be open to, is the moment it all starts to come together. This session my couples traveled 2 hours + one overnight stay just so we could have a special place with no-one around and an easy night after at a pour your own drink at a bar - don't worry, mom-to-be had soda and pizza (Which I totally would vote for too if I could have cheese and bread.)

Photos can't be extra or next level like this if you aren't willing to put in the extra effort and styling. For us specifically, we first thought of our concept, location potentials, then color palettes, along with the things that would pull together everything, and this is all part of my awesome job. I think what's super about this all is that both Tierney and Tyler were moving! That's a super hero move to me, moving and making time for this epic adventure. Now, you don't have to do anything crazy or even have to travel far for photos but, I implore you to at the very least go all out, since photos are a time stamp in your life.

A special thank you for @bellevuecrossroadsflorist (And Molly my flower assist for the day) for arranging this the special floral piece of our set! One of my top vendors that I recommend to all my clients!



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