Hello Friend!

As much as I enjoy my bed and collecting succulents knowing I don't have the space for it, I can't sit still. I love to travel and explore. There is just something about travel that you can't do just by being in one place and the awesome thing about that is that I get to meet new people from all over and where I have learned some of the most valuable lessons in life and made the best memories.

So if you are thinking about taking your special moments, intimate weddings, or engagement for an adventure, you are definitely in the right place. I'm all about the adventure and making these awesome memories. With that being said, I will stray from the traditional photos at the park, which means I love taking my couples out to the mountain side or have us a little road trip to the coast for a little adventure. No stiff smiling and posing allowed, we just have fun.

Photography has also been a wonderful way to nurture my artistic and creative side and story tell for my couples and I am very fortunate to have in my life. If you feel you connect with my work and are ready for an adventure, head over to my contact page and say hello!

Hello! I am Selena I am very excited that you have found your way here and for that, thank you for taking the time to view my passion, my arts, and work.

I've come to terms that I don't always know how to answer "why do you like photography?" Almost every answer is different because there is so much to enjoy and love about it. I love that a story can be told through one still image, I love when one photo can help relive a moment of happiness, and I love that in a chaotic moment just one second of capturing that can move someone's heart. In short, I think I just love seeing other people happy. It makes me happy.

There have been a number of times I have recognized when there are moments we cannot replicate and sometimes our hectic lives don't give us a chance to be in that moment. The only way I know to do undo that, is to slow down, be conscious of it, and be in that moment, and lock it into our storybook.

Travel Schedule 

While I am based in Seattle Washington, I am always looking for my next travel adventure. I fell in love with traveling the first time I traveled by myself. I loved being in the moment, photographing my surroundings, and experiencing all the different cultures. This schedule is based on current bookings + my own personal trips. If you are looking for sessions while I am traveling  to an area near you or explore a place that is not on the schedule, send me an inquiry and let's see what magic I can work!

My Bucket List Spots!
2021 - Limited Travel



My Philosophy

Photography isn't just a hobby. It's a passion. I put work into not just your images but our experience as a whole.

 I believe in the power of photography. As an artform, as something to document, and as a form of healing. When you see an image, sometimes you'll smile because you remembered exactly what happened  in that moment. Sometimes it's a reminder of something or someone you never want to forget. At one point, it was both of those for me and not only that but a journey to self-healing. I have used photography as a way to accept who I am and how I see the world. It's such an beautiful thing because you can see how I see the world through my lens. I hope that when I get the chance to photograph others, that the same can happen. After having complete hair loss due to a medical condition called Alopecia,  having regrowth, and continual change, I have come to appreciate and wish that what it did for me can do for others and can experience the same joy and self love.


I like to think I am a different kind of photographer. Those imperfections you see are perfections to me and if you can't see it, let me give you the opportunity to. I don't use photoshop. I will never change who you are because whatever that is, it is what makes who you are. God made you perfectly and I will use that as a leverage to show you that! Scar, curves, no hair, all of it!


I focus in the moment vs. having to create that moment. It's about having fun and creating memories at my sessions! Never should it be so poised and uneventful. I also can't be the only one laughing and playing around. Photography is documenting in it's most honest form so honestly we should be treating it like it's an experience rather than sit, fake smile, and done. I would prefer it that way  anyways :)

Alopecia Photographer