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If I bring up Hawaii to a few friends, they will ask "Didn't you use to live in Hawaii??" LMAO the answer to that would be, "in theory." 🤣 I mean yes, part of my heart will always have a love for the island life since I was born of hot and humid weather, it makes sense that my body would thrive in it. While I haven't lived there, I have visited numerous times and eventually my plan would be to visit as often as I can or actually go move there.

BUT! This is not about that; this is about Julie & Aaron and their time here on the island. And let me just say, as their first photoshoot, wow! They did such an amazing job. Their chemistry and partnership 🔥🔥

We started our day with a sunrise shoot right on Diamond head with just Julie for her birthday! If you didn't know, Hawaii's sunrises are notoriously beautiful right on the east/west side. It's a little stroll and BAM! Right at the beach, you can even watch the surfers catching some big waves out there.

After that we headed back to rest and prepare for our sunset shoot on the upper east side of the island. (Heads up, if you want to catch the sunset, head west!) We decided on visiting an area they haven't been before, and I wanted to make sure we had lots of greenery and beach of course!

Check out a little of behind the scenes:

Video: TFP Media

One big thing I want to share; Hawaii is a special place and must be kept that way! We made sure to follow "Leave no trace," which means whatever came in, we took back out! We left it how we found it, other than the footprints in the sand :) This is how we can keep our beautiful locations preserved so we can visit again. Now for the photos you have been waiting for!


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