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Please let me first just let you take a guess at what their Elopement Day hashtag was..

You know how sometimes they are very cute, it rhymes, and it's savvy??

Just take a quick moment..




UGH. I screamed at how cute it was! Haha such a clever play of words, I love it!


Like any other couple planning an elopement, there is so much coordinating and organizing to do! So many ideas and details to go through that as soon as Carrie and Dovi asked me to be their photographer, it was full swing everything; locations, vendors, transportation, start time, details, stays, all of it! We were constantly on the phone or emailing and throwing all sorts of ideas that I absolutely loved!

I love when my couples are able to bring ideas to the table because not only does it make the day a lot more special but because it is their idea, they are bringing their selves to the table, it brings more connection and involvement in the day and doing something that they truly enjoy. It becomes more of an experience rather than just hiring a photographer for the day and I find that to be the best way about it. Before I started photography I actually did internships and worked for wedding as an event planner. So when a wedding or elopement is book with me, it might start to show through during the planning process. I start asking about all the what's, if's, how's, and when but not because I have to or feel obligate to, it's just part of my process and inclusive in packages. When it comes to helping you plan for your day, I share all my knowledge and resources. I don't think I could replace a coordinator/planner but I feel like I could double as one for some parts ><

C+D and I would toss ideas back and forth until we found one that fits just right! We were inspired by the last elopement I had photographed, so we found inspiration that fit into C+D's vision and without getting lost into details we started putting it all together.

On the elopement day, it started pouring, but nothing like rain to showcase a moody set of the PNW, however once I arrived and we began setting up, the rain went away, soft clouds claimed their spots, the sun peeked through the edges of the mountain, and we started the day with the best way we could: a ceremony joining C+D.

It was surreal, we basically had the whole area to ourselves! It was quiet, peaceful, and we couldn't have asked for more. While C+D were standing in front of each other, reciting and reading their vows to one another, I couldn't help but tear up. (I am a sucker for this!) hearing their promises, words written for each other, and being in the moment with them was truly an honor. After, we celebrated with Boba from our nostalgic Boba store in Crossroads Mall, a bottle of champagne to share, red velvet cake, and sushi for dinner! The duration of the entire time I was reminded about how sometimes we don't always need a big celebration for weddings or joining of two individuals, and it puts into perspective the things that make this important. Everyone had treated me more like family vs. just a photographer and that made me so much more so happy to be a part of their day. We laughed together, shared genuine moments, bonded over food, and made new and endearing memories.

My dear Carrie and Dovi, I am so happy to see where you two have come from when we first did your couples session <3 So very excited to see where life takes you next! Thank you for adding me into such am important time in your life.

To the Mx. and Mrs.!!

Special thank you for vendors who helped partake in filling our stomachs and beautiful details:

Photographer: Hehe, me!

Dress: Asos

Suit: Menswarehouse

Macarons: Macadons

Officiant: Reese

Cuff Links: Metal and Idea



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