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Annia and Josh had no idea where to start for their engagement session. All they know was that they wanted something special and feature the PACIFIC NORTHWEST!!!

So I said bet. Well.. not really but I knew exactly where I wanted to take them. On top of that, we wanted to add a fun, creative, and relatable element. And that would include their love at very first date at a nostalgic brewery in Seattle. Beer!

Well.. almost there too, while we thought of beer we wanted to make our day a little more free flowing and easy to bring, so Annia brought one of their favorite wines and put together a little picnic to reminisce their first date. We explored a good part of Snoqualmie, frolicked in the grass, and ended with a cute little picnic we made besides the mountain range.

Not to say that all details and going big or go home doesn't do "it" but sometimes the most simple thing can come with a lot of meaning. And this was all we needed. Another wonderful memory down in the books! Annia and Josh has put a lot of trust into my work and I can't thank them enough!


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