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Dear Joy and Zach,

I have watched you two from the sidelines from the very beginning (in a non creepy and loving way haha). When you two first started dating, to the proposal, and until the moment you both said "I do". Joy, I have literally grown up with you, played "house" in your home, made our famous Thai music videos, and then watched you grow up.

And because I grew up with you, I know that love language comes in many forms but yours is definitely affection. Remember? We had a massage business a little kids? Then the obvious countless back scratches and massages randomly given through out the day. Because of that Zach must definitely understand that love language. And even if it's not his language, I see he tries and is doing. Both of you already know this but you two are just right for each other, you are one but different in the right ways. You two are some beautiful souls, trend-setters, and couple goals. I am so happy to be the one to have done a session for you that shows your relationship from the beginning and up until where you are now, God has blessed you abundantly and I can only see more of that coming, excited to see what's next in store for your family.




Sessions are definitely not just solely a "photo-op" time but as well as bonding, whether it is between the two individuals or with me. Clearly, photos are not just sit there and smile. It's a time to interact, get goofy, and have fun. There's no expectations that you need to be poised and perfectly positioned. In fact, the ones that are imperfect are the best ones. The moments I capture are the ones that come from the heart where both people are comfortable, relaxed, and focused on each other. Heck, if you need to bring some wine or champagne to loosen up, DO EET. You got a dog? Hellur, I'll bring some treats. Photography is an art form that last forever, whatever you need or want to make it special, let's do it.



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