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I've known Megan for a couple of years now, and I met her when she was only a family of 4! Now I get to watch and be apart of her journey into a family of 5. Baby Rainier coming soon!

Megan and David (Diva-d backwards if you were wondering - I LOVED THIS) were visiting on a work trip and we saw a small window of time to add to their little storybook of adventures. As someone who always seizes an opportunity and in the spirit of Halloween I asked Megan if we could utilize pumpkins during her session if she would model my hand made with blood sweat and tears jack-o-lantern carving! If you keep scrolling, you'll see her answer. :D

I absolutely love this. If your photos aren't already fun and memory packed, when we add extra layers and leave room for creativity it becomes like THE BEST story to explain to friends and family when they are presented. I can just see the smiles and laughs.


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