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I love the PNW but what I love more than that.. are when my couples travel with me in the PNW too! And we get such an epic experience. So much snow! While we were only anticipating snow capped trees and a blanket of snow on the ground, we got so much more than that, it started to snow! Which meant we had all the fresh coat and powder we needed! We did have us a fun with so much snow that we had to drive super careful, but luckily this photographer is also a driver, I always carry a shovel and a traction matt when headed out into this territory. It also helps that there are others close by in the case he did needed help. As soon as Tommi and Nick arrived to our location in Snoqualmie Pass, we all started playing in it immediately. No hesitation, no holding back, and that was one the things I so truly enjoyed capturing and being around them with.

The sense of adventure and the "fudge it" mindset I learned to appreciate and especially vibe with because it makes hanging out so much more fun, memorable, and less posey! Like myself, these two were kids at heart, we were all having a ball with snowball fights and take-downs. For a little moment, everything was perfect, it wasn't cold, it was all about love.

Those are my favorite moments and one of the reasons why I have a heart for photography. It's something irreplaceable! It can't be recreated! And I am so happy to now call Tommi and Nick my friends. I can't wait to hang out again once this covid BS blows over!!


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