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Ahh, yes.. this session made my thighs hurt the next day. But it was worth it. I got to meet Synelle and Wylie and immediately we clicked as soon as we found out we were all into Ghibli Films. Synelle was walking in front of me and I noticed a Totoro tattoo (My favorite movie btw) and then I stared harder and noticed the rest of the tattoos were characters from ALL the films!

I asked "Is that Totoro? Wait, are you Ghibli fans??"

YES! Haha! We just kept going on and on after that. Buutt on the way back it was kind of quiet. We were trying not to, well I was trying not to breathe loudly walking up a hill so that people couldn't hear me dying. While Wylie over there is training to become a firefighter and is like a million steps ahead of me. You got to remember, one of my steps is probably 1-1 1/2 of theirs.

I was happy to hear their experience wasn't just a photo session but one that provided them amazing bonding time. Those are the things that make my work feel so rewarding and drives me to continue to do that for others. Some days we are just busy with work or school we forget to say "I love you" or ask "how was work today?"

So for me, a session is one of the reminders of why we choose to be with our partner in crime and perhaps spark a connection that was not forgotten but needed a little jump start.

S and W, thank you for being unapologetically yourselves and allowing me capture your story, for trusting me and getting dirty in the sand, and for showing me the real yous.


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