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I started the day with a drive over from Seattle. Only a 3 hour road trip, Ruby beach honestly isn't that far of a drive with good music and company. I mean, its within driving distance and you don't need a plane visit the beautiful coast! We stayed at a cute Airbnb in Forks - home to where the famous book and movie Twilight was filmed! And it is only a half hour from the beach! The very next day we drove over early to prep the ceremony and started our day with the sound of waves as our jam. None of this couldn't have happened without my talented vendors who made everything look SO GOOD!

Photographer: Yours Truly!

Dress: Raw Golden

Officiant: Ellie

One of the things about Elopements that set it apart from traditional weddings is mainly that you focus on the aspects that are important to you. Whether it be the few individuals involved, where you are in the world, or it can even come down to the details of your favorite flower arrangements.

You can literally do anything with Elopements, hike a mountain to jump in the lake at the very top, fly to Thailand and end with a ride down the floating market, or have the dang ceremony and celebrate with beer and pizza after! Here, we decided an elaborate picnic and running along Washington's coast.

Are you planning or thinking about Eloping? I want to share 3 things to help you get started:

1. Sit down and go over what is important to the both of you.

Like I mentioned before, it's all about you. Sit with your fiancé, close your eyes, and imagine what you see on your special day. Don't think with your head but with your heart. Who do you want to see there when you are reading your vows? Where do you imagine yourself? Are you where you first met? Do you see a mountain view? That's how we get start planning.

2. Research. Research. Research!

So much planning goes into this but wherever you decide to do, don't forget to keep in mind; "Marriage License" after all, you still are getting married! Some places require a permit to have a ceremony and some places can also have a better time for visiting. Do you want snow? Or do you prefer a field of flowers. Washington requires one officiant and 2 witnesses.

Fun Fact: I am ordained myself! Which means, yes I can legally marry you! But let's leave that to the pros so that I can be in the moment and focus on YOU. (However, if there were ever some emergency and I am always more than happy to step in. I can also serve as one of your witnesses :)

Finance. This also is part of the research. Budgeting everything out is not too different from a traditional wedding, a small misconception with elopements is that sometimes it can be "cheaper" but generally you won't be spending less on vendors, however overall you will be spending less on the guestlist. Psst! Your planning shouldn't be stressful! If you at all are feeling overwhelmed, an option you can consider is getting an extra hand! There is also such thing as an elopement planner! Now I am not telling you this is something you need but I am also sharing this with you so that you have every option at your disposal.

3. Book your photographer AKA muah!

I mean, if you you have viewed my work, explored my site, and love my style, all you need to do is fill out my contact form so I can get in touch with you!

But in all seriousness, when you are on the search for your photographer that can really set the tone for the day and I encourage you to view their resources, look for blogs and galleries, learn about them, and get on the phone with them. If you love what they do and you are within their budget, send an inquiry! All my inquires comes with a consultation whether you are ready to book me or not. This is because I want to make sure we are a great fit, it's also a great chance to get to know each other a little more, and understand my services and what I can provide for you :)

Alright, enough chatting on that, enjoy the gallery!



Creating for a difference with a difference. Your Alopecian intimate wedding and adventurous elopement photographer.

Capturing love from anywhere within the States and adding pages to your story book.

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