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Updated: Feb 29

Who knew that while in Hawaii I would be greeted by a mermaid and her prince.

If you guys know me, you know that I absolutely love Hawaii and only here would I be driving under the stars in the dark early morning to later be welcomed with rays of sunshine and greeted by a mermaid and her prince charming. NOT KIDDING.

Creatives - Whoo!

Because it's Hawaii, there are many opportunities to have different types of jobs that of a non-island/non-touristy area would have and Oahu happens to be one of those Islands that brings in the most tourist! (out of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui) So there's a huge call for performing artists, dancers, and skilled entertainers. I was lucky enough to meet someone who's profession is to be a mermaid! *happy dance* And if you are lucky you might be able to catch her at one of her shows! Paul is even sometimes in it!

While getting to know them both I got to see their love for each other, their funny humor, and not only that but I got to see their respect for each others passion. If you have questions about mermaid

material, tails, or how it all works you don't even need to ask Stephanie- while she is a great person to ask, Paul is well knowledge in all that and proud to share it, it's the coolest thing ever and you can go so in-depth about it. And that's what I call partnership. But wait! There's more! He also does photography! Underwater photography too! OMG. What a catch. No pun maybe intended. Paul also has a creative eye for photography, ahh.. the creative scene no wonder these two are so effin cool and so perfect for each other. Thank you guys for showing me yourselves and sharing some Aloha.

Yes, we did go in the water of course!

If you are ever curious about photos out of state, check out my travel schedule to see if you can save on some travel fees! I am always open for adventure wherever I go!

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