October 2018

One of the things I LOVE about intimate weddings; is the details and the thoughts that was put into everything. A color was picked not because it "looks good" but it feels good and is your favorite color. A little touch of flowers and lights because you know it changes the ambience to a welcome and relaxed setting. A taco stand because who tf cares about how much you spend on catering, it is part of your culture and who you are. (The tacos were sooo good btw) 
The little touches make a big difference and on a special day like this one, family and friends make it so much better. I get to witness a mother watch as her daughter grows up and take her first step in another chapter in her life, hear stories from grandma and grandpa, and I get to understand my beautiful bride and groom on a personal level by the things they bring on their wedding day. So of course, I am going to make sure I get those little things and little moments so that when my bride and groom look back at their photos, they will remember it just like it was yesterday. 
Kitsap Memorial Park:
Definitely has its rustic barn vibe! Not just because of the barn :P It has double doors you can open it up to for a beautiful view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains and a matching bridal-suite. The venue is surrounded by tall trees so you feel almost magical how small you are. The drive there is not only scenic but you can also opt to take the ferry back to Seattle if yoy are looking for a different type of scene.
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