June 2019

I have always been bad explaining things and with words, writing them at least (But I try anyways). So its only fitting that my photos will tell the stories and write it for itself. :)
Tori and I actually have known each other before she came me about her photographer search. We used to work together in retail! When I was asked if I traveled for weddings I almost cried, I am not kidding, I screamed  "Thank you God!!" And since we haven't spoken in a long time we got a chance to catch up. It is always so interesting and inspiring to see other people do what they love and seeing where they start. Tori now has her yoga certification and teaches classes throughout the week. So if you need a teacher recommendation, I gotchu.
I've heard a lot about how excited clients get when they book their dream photographer that know exactly what they want, but what I believe is its the photographer - me, who is the lucky and blessed one to be able to  shoot with my dream couple, who has the same vision craves the same type of creativity and storytelling. I am the lucky one to have YOU!
Mt. Rainer:
One of the most beautiful spots the PNW has to offer. Every turn is a view and every view is the perfect opportunity for amazing memories. This would be one of my top recommendation for any adventure. Our goal was to head for the Grove of Patriarchs but we had to stop at other places on the way back! And thank goodness because these photos = moods. The Grove had nice and easy paths and steel cable bridges for the "Terabithia" imagination at heart. We were surrounded by tall Red Cedar and Douglas Firs that put us under a nice cover of shade. 
I couldn't help but ask these two to stand randomly in the middle of the road of oncoming traffic. And as much as an odd ask they did it anyways and had a spectacular time with it. Tori and Michael, thank you for trusting me with oncoming traffic and allowing me to be apart of your special day.
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