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The Journey

Telling your story through my lens
How does it all work? What's a session like and what is your style? Awesome questions. The first ingredient to me is for you to be completely and unapologetically yourselves. Dress the way you want, act the way are, and to come in as who YOU ARE.
The magic doesn't happen because of where you are, if it's in style, or what society says what's "cool", it happens when the connection between you and your partner are most authentic and real. The reason why it's magical and special is the special relationship between you and your partner.


When it comes to the things that are milestones and will last a lifetime trusstt, I know how important this is to you.  I am OCD with details and particular on the "obessed" for getting all your special moments documented.  My job isn't solely to just your photographer, but also be a friend. This isn't a high school photo, you don't arrive, sit and, and smile. We are here to create and make memories. I want to learn about you, what makes you cry, what makes you laugh, and hear what your love story is. 
By the time we reach our destination, it'll be the easy stuff here on out and I would have already put on some music and we would begin our Adventure. And perhaps if we didn't have too much fun we will relax right after with some snacks and landscape viewing ;)
During sessions, I encourage the two of you to move freely and interact the way you normally would. Whether you two are goof balls or wanting some serious moods I will take your lead and flow with it. Here and there I will share some guidance and "prompts" for you to follow for those artistic shots.
If I am blessed enough to witness your wedding and be your honored Photographer, you will most likely not see me giving as much direction or guidance (until we hit B+G portraits) as my style tends to be journalistic, but also authentic. I want your wedding to be uninteruppted and are real as possible, as it should be. Don't mind me squatting behind a bush if I am trying to get some hidden angles or sneak photos of baby Starla grabbing goodies from the dessert table. To me, what makes my part of the job compelling are the things that you are not able to see. While you were standing at the podium and looking at your family, did you see the way he was gazing at you? Or your grandparents grasping each other in one hand and crinkles wet tissues in the other? Those moments I live for and  you can't be everywhere at once, that's why I am here! Authentically and naturally capturing those moments.
I understand how important this day is to you. How blessed you are that in the whole world, you have found your partner for life. UGH the thought of it makes me happy and excited. I get it. I'm right there with you. Ready for your moment.