The Journey

Telling your story through my lens

What I Can Do For You

I know there is a lot to cover and I am here to answer all your questions and help free you from any doubtful thoughts. And if I could have you take ONE thing away from this, is that my goal is to create memories and experiences with you that will last a lifetime to generations. As well as touches of arts and bad-assery to your images.
When you book me, here is what you can expect:
  1.  Questions. What's important most to you in a wedding? The people? Where you are? It's Personalization and Customization. I want to learn about you and better understand what your visions are so that I can co-align with them. It's not a automated ABC step. Every person is different and that is what's going to differentiate how Your wedding day is and what's going to make it special.
  2.  Communication. Meet your new Pen Pal! I remember when I was in elementary school and this was the most exciting thing ever. However, instead of writing letters and mailing it - we'll use emails, phones calls, and in-person consultations to go over anything and everything.
  3. Honesty and Respect. This is a collaboration of you and I and I am not the school photographer who clicks away and sends for the next kid. When you hire me, you get all of me. My eyes, my creativity, and my brains. You get an artist. And since this is a team effort it means I'm going to give you my honest opinion and help us make decisions for these awesome photos. And I hope you do the same. 


Where should we get photos done?
When it comes my style, you can see that nature is our companion in the majority of my work and what that being our setting I can assure you we will have a plethora of  locations for your choosing. 
  • A location selection will be an extension of who you are. So if you're looking for an open scenery, a trip to the beach, or an epic mountain view, as long as you have a theme for whatever your heart wants, I'll be able to help narrow it down and work with you.
  • Things sometime happen, like the one time I was late for the school bus because I forgot to grab my lunch so I recommend my couples to be free of any plans one hour prior and one hour after especially when our plan includes hiking and traveling to our destination. There's no limit for how long creativity flows!
When is the best time for photos?
While I wish I could always provide the best conditions for shooting (and yes my camera and I has endured being rained and snowed on) sometimes we take what we are given make turn it to our advantage. A couple of notes to consider:
  • There is no arguing that soft and even light is going to be the best for portraits. Therefore when we plan on an adventure with me, be prepared to be traveling before sunrise or before sunset, especially if we plan on including a hike.
  • Something I always advise my couples, is that weekdays are far better than weekends. This helps tremendously with avoiding the midday crowds and provides for an intimate experience and for better photos.
What to do - some of my Favorite ideas:
There are so many things we can do out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming, here are a few of my favs that I can hope to either inspire or help you narrow down.
  • Picnicking at the Coast during sunset
  • Campfires + snuggles and smore's
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Jumps into lakes at sunset
  • Horseback riding
  • Steamy Airbnb showers/tubs
  • Hot Air balloon rides
  • ATV/buggy-ing at sand dunes
  • Classic car rides in the suburbs
What's it like during a session?
Always and forever I want you to feel comfortable. We don't want something that looks forced and uncomfortable of course! I am not just your Photographer, when you hire me, you also gain a Friend. We'll meet up, we hang out, begin our journey, and we just so happen to be taking amazing photos! 
My approach is to let you take the lead and I will follow with it, meaning, if you are goof balls or a quiet and intimate couple, I will go with your flow. If you are worried about feeling and looking awkward, don't worry. You are not the first ones who have felt that way and most certainly not the last. I believe it is part of the creative process - it's like warming up before you start a work out and we all have that Beyoncé persona within us somewhere. And even better, I'll be able to help move you along right out of that. For engagement and lifestyle sessions, I use a more hands-on and directional approach. Help you get the right angle and share some prompts for you to follow for those artistic shots. 
If I am blessed to witness your wedding and be your honored Photographer, you will most likely see far less direction and guidance (until we hit B+G portraits - some quick poses and lighting times I'll have to sneak you away). Aside from that  Your wedding should be uninterrupted and as real as possible, just as it should be! To me, what makes my part of the job exciting and special; is capturing those beautiful moment and letting it all happen naturally and candidly. Your job is to enjoy your special day. My job is to be there for you however I can as a friend and your Photographer. Part of letting your Wedding day go naturally helps me capture the special unscripted moments and moments you might have missed - that's one of my favorite parts. Tissues in one hand and camera in the other. I swear, I don't think there has been a wedding where I have not cried.
Images are a freeze in time.
It's a reminder,
a nostalgia,
and it can serve as a connection. 
It can spark a memory and it can flood you with feelings and emotions you have once felt in a time. Sometimes in our hectic lives we forget to take a moment to look around and appreciate what we have. That is why I believe photography is so important and why I cherish it so. So, trust me when I say to go for it, take the chance and have an amazing adventure, YOLO it.  
I understand how important this day is to you. I am so happy for you. You are so blessed! In the whole world, you have found your partner for life. YASS! The thought of it already makes me happy and I love this for you. I get it. I'm right there with you. Ready for your moment.


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